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In search of the untethered mid: Reflective practice in education Dr Nick Redfern In search of the untethered mind: Reflective practice in education

In search of the untethered mind: Reflective practice in education, by Dr Nick Redfern

To have an efficient mind is to have an effective mind, and to have an effective mind can lead to improved practice.  That reflection is an essential component of education is evident, but its application within the daily teaching routine is often overlooked.  This publication takes the reader through the various concepts of reflection and asks some very fundamental and challenging questions.  Why think? is a highly pertinent question proffered by John Dewy, but this is a question that would seem such an outrageous truism to ponder for more than a passing moment.  But the question forms the basis of the first part of the book.

The search for the untethered mind was born through a realisation that knowledge is inevitably tethered to concepts.  To strip knowledge from these concepts is the underlying tenet of the book’s argument.  The work introduces the understanding of thought processes, memory retrieval, the role of solitude and addressing uncomfortable truths, through to reflection in art as a cultural norm and reflection as analysis and as a solitary and spiritual phenomenon.  The role of daydreams and the defining of the world view offer some challenging models and some difficult but essential questions are posed including the vital question what if there were no wrong answers?

Systems of knowledge and understanding are followed by more practical applications of reflection as a tool for teaching and learning.  Here, a variety of reflective activities are explored including the more familiar use of reflective journals to more esoteric models such as building thought proxies, storytelling and low light thinking time.  The work is scheduled for completion in 2017.

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This book is in progress as is scheduled for publication in 2017