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Nick Redfern’s Blog

I started blogging in 2006, when I had something in my life about which to write, and continued for a number of years until almost everything of any tangible interest ceased to be. The change was quite abrupt the impact has remained to for many years. The past two years, 2016 to 2018, has seen a dramatic transformation, even evolution, in my life through a series of life changing and life defining processes, all of which being thoroughly unpleasant. I am now in a position of being a redefined person; a position I would like to think as being beneficial.

I started blogging as a method of rationalising my existence, my philosophy and modus operandi. Once my creative work had receded as a reaction to poor mental health, then the wish to commit my thoughts in this space soon followed.

I have a few unwritten rules and strictures. Never discuss politics; never discuss college work or students; never discuss the work or actions of others; never be profane or use bad language. I will stick to these principles, despite no longer working for any institution.


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