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Nick taught me at a level when I studied at New College Nottingham. He’s a vibrant and exceptional teacher, with incredible knowledge in his field of music. I learned a lot from Nick and have gone on to achieve a university degree in Musical theatre.

Zoe Brinklow

If it wasn't for Nick I wouldn't have passed my HND in Music Performance, he is an excellent tutor and through his guidance, council and support I gained a greater understanding of the Aural element of my course. I struggled beyond my first instrument of drums when it came to composition but Nick was always patient and kind, explained everything to me in great detail in a manner I could understand which boosted my confidence and led me to pass my modules. I Couldn't recommend him more, he was phenomenal when I was at college and I have no doubt with the extra years of experience he's gained since I left his tutelage his teaching ability will be even beyond that.
Adam Jones

In my opinion Nick Redfern is one of the most well-mannered, patient and passionate teachers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. In the two years i spent at NCN Clarendon, He was the only teacher that showed that he genuinely cared about his students, and not just the work that they produce. He is not only a great teacher, but a fantastic person with superior kindness and intellect.

Michael Ives

As a former student of Nick's at NCN, I am so pleased to see the opening of FSM. I can certainly attest to the excellent teachings in which myself, and many others have received from Nick over the years, including being one of the most memorable teachers I've had (of all time), as well as a superbly accomplished music teacher in so many ways.
I can say now, that as well as a testimonial to Nick Redfern's unbeatable professionalism and kind, patient and enthusiastic nature, I am with certainty that his role in FSM will be of equal success.

Chris Kane

I was taught by Nick about 17 years ago and the knowledge and expertise he demonstrated in teaching music were invaluable. It’s great to see him in a new venture and can’t recommend his teachings enough.

Tom Clark

I was a student of Nicks at Clarendon College back in the 90s and always found him to be a fantastic and knowledgeable tutor. Highly recommend.

Andy Kulesza

I had the privilege of being under Nick's tutorage when I attended a music course in Nottingham about 17 years ago.
I found Nick to be an amazing tutor who was 
extremely knowledgeable about all things music. So passionate is he for his craft that he takes the utmost time with all of his students to ensure they understand fully what they are learning/creating, showing great patience and understanding for both the student and what he teaches.
I am thrilled that he has now set up the Foxton School of Music as I cannot think of many who would make a finer tutor and so many more people will now be lucky enough to learn from his seemingly limitless knowledge.
Highly Recommended! :)

Emma Peters

I only lived and learned In Nottingham for a year but I could not have hoped for a more welcoming, excited or passionate teacher than Dr Nick. He appreciates and understands all of his learners from their loves to their weaknesses and encourages them to do find themselves and do their best.

On top of this, and most importantly; he is kind, funny and an awesomely talented musician.

Matt Mullan

Thank you so much for these generous comments.  I believe that learning should be two things: a partnership and life-long.

It seems the theory is valid and in practice.  Nick

Nick Redfern


I studied music under the tutelage of Redfern at Clarendon College in the late 1990s.  As a professional musician, many of the techniques and approaches to making music that he taught me have formed the basis of my methodology now.

Clear, patient and incredibly thorough in his knowledge, I’m extremely grateful to have studied under this great teacher and musician.

Mark Fox

As a student of Nick's for 4 years I can attest his knowledge and passion for music alongside his enthusiastic and patient teaching style makes him a pleasure to learn from, and a truly inspirational teacher.

Emma Gunn

Nick Redfern is truly an inspirational and passionate educator and musician. He helped me widen my musical horizons and I am in no doubt that I would not be the musician I am today without his guidance. Thank you, Nick

Tom Elliott

Nick is one of the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met, he is extremely patient and a truly wonderful teacher. He improved my singing a huge amount and is a very hardworking and caring man. I can’t thank him enough for the amount of time and effort he has put in teaching me, he is just brilliant.

Lauren Marshall

Nick is extremely loyal, respectful and supportive and is completely dedicated to music and education. In my experiences of one-to-one teachings with him over the years, he is focused and manages to make lessons fun whist keeping on top of the original subject, explaining everything with clarity. Outside of lessons, he is also brilliant to ask for help and advice. Nick is a truly inspirational character who is highly skilled in what he loves and I owe him many thanks.

Kim Keeton

Nick's teaching is hands-off yet undeniably comprehensive; rather than teaching in a linear fashion he would instead focus on building a wide base of knowledge to work as a foundation for more complex subjects to be taught later. This teaching style works excellently in the long-term because a strong understanding of the basics is cultivated throughout.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with Nick immensely and I am very pleased and impressed by the extent of the education I received from him in the two years I spent as his student.

Devon Evison

I will always remember your kind and wise words to me when, in my final year of study, I explained how I was disappointed that I would perhaps not achieve the sort of grade I hoped I would.  You explained how you believed that people study for a variety of reasons and that the overall experience should be personally valued as much as, if not more than, the academic achievement.  I truly believe that such an attitude is inspirational to anyone who isn't sure as to how their personal decisions should be valued by the rest of society.  The most important thing is that a student has spent time learning and growing - and in ways that cannot be simplified down to a grade or a mark out of 100!

Richard Roughley

Nick is an incredible teacher! When I began studying music, I had little experience in playing the piano and minimal knowledge of scales and using different music software. Nick was always positive and gave me the confidence to keep trying. Since working with him, I have completed the music course, gained experience in writing and producing music, gone into song writing and I am now in my second year of University studying the subject further.

Katie Powdrill

Nick saw me through my degree and also helped me through my initial training years.  Nick is an inspiring and dedicated teacher who not only has an astounding understanding of his subject area, but also has superb teaching qualities. He is a true gentleman and a highly engaging individual. I cannot think of a better person to further one's musical studies.

Paul Mayfield

I was a student of Nick over a decade ago now at NCN in Nottingham, he was and I’m sure still is an understanding and well-thought-out teacher, with an uncompromising dedication to bringing the best out of his students.

Scott Robinson

Whilst studying as an undergraduate, Nick’s imparting, insightful and inspiring knowledge of contemporary musical history and compositional processes has proved to be invaluable time and time again - Loz Cliffe, EPSRC funded, Musical Technology PhD student, The University of Nottingham.

Loz Cliffe

I was taught by Nick at Clarendon College, Nottingham 16 years ago and can recommend him very highly to his future students. Nick teaches to suit his learner's styles and needs, he is incredibly knowledgeable and is an immensely talented musician and composer. After finishing my degree at Birmingham Conservatoire my quartet and I would often come to Nottingham to record for his students. He always creates a positive, exciting and vibrant environment in which to learn and is all in all a jolly nice chap.

Milly Fry

Nick is a truly inspirational person, musician and teacher. Lovely manner and throughout my time working with him inspired myself, other staff and students. Excellent teacher with an exceptional knowledge of music.

Ruth Jackson

Nick Redfern, without a doubt, the most extraordinary musician, and spectacular tutor/teacher/lecturer there is and ever has been! Every aspect of his teachings was always above and beyond; his teaching methods, his lessons, and not to mention his splendidly luminous character, that from what I've gathered from others who have also had the privilege of working with this exceptional man, leaves a mark (and probably a cheeky smile!) on everyone's hearts. In addition, I will always remember his endless patience and compassion; during my time spent at NCN I struggled with disability, chronic pain and mental health problems, and he was fantastically supportive and was always there to help, for that I am truly grateful! To summarise, Nick Redfern overall is a complete legend to all who are fortunate enough to cross paths with him! I wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

Rebekah Brumby

Dr. Nick Redfern was my most supportive teacher throughout my six years of undergraduate study. He gave my a starting point to thinking beyond my own personal ideas when it came to composition and reflection. Since graduating, I have studied masters level courses and worked in three countries outside of the U.K. and Nick has always been kind enough to provide a professional reference which shows that his support does not end once you leave your university campus and head into the international world we now find ourselves in.

Antony Jennings

I had the privilege to spend time with Nick as both a tutor for my degree and as a mentor for my teacher training. An amazing and compassionate man, who strives to excel in his own endeavours and to also bring out those qualities in those around him, Nick has a vast subject knowledge which he shares freely. Perhaps more important is his approach to learning, where he continually challenges and stretches students to go beyond simply learning the syllabus content, imparting a sense of wonder and enthusiasm about both music and the world around them.

As a mentor Nick not only challenged my beliefs, but also his own. Many of our mentor meetings became intellectual debates on the wider context of music education, where he would freely accept my ideas as being as relevant as his own. This open exchange of ideas allowed me to build self-confidence as a tutor, while being supported to develop those ideas further.

One of Nick’s greatest qualities is his innate ability to relate to each student individually. His exuberance about anything music related allows students to feel as if their interests are also Nick’s interests. This not only engages the students, but also allows them to develop thoughts and ideas without the fear of being incorrect.

Mark Phillips

I studied Music A-Level at Clarendon College, where Nick helped me to develop my confidence in composition, as well as encouraging me to study music at Uni. He has an incredible energy and passion for music, and is such a fountain of knowledge, he really is an inspirational teacher. His enthusiasm is infectious! He is also a genuinely lovely person.

Jen Lane

Grounded in a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of music, Nick Redfern brings commitment and insight to his teaching and becomes an adept mentor to the aspiring musician.  

James Warner, Composer.

I had the pleasure of studying with Nick on my level 3 BND through to the completion of my BA in Sonic Arts. Nick was a continual source of inspiration throughout my studies and provided a wealth of indispensable knowledge and support on a daily basis. My own academic and professional career in the music industry has been greatly shaped by the formative years spent studying with Nick. I can't recommend Nick Redfern highly enough as an educator and mentor.

Tom Pottage

It is with great delight that I'm able in some small way say thank you for the inspiration and guidance you gave me during the years you taught me at Clarendon College way back in the 90s.  Your ability to relate to and engage your students, has remained with me all these years.  Every teacher has a different style (as your countless supply of waistcoats demonstrate), but I distinctly remember and appreciated you making the effort to engage with every single one of your students personally.  A gifted composer and a passionate teacher, it’s been a real privilege to have studied under your guidance.

Damien Everard

I have known and been taught by Dr Nick Redfern over the course of eight years, and during that time I have found him to always teach with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm. He was also continuously supportive of me as a student and his expertise in the subject was always evident.

Emma Cochrane

In 2012 was Nick Redfern's student on a BA Hons Sonic Arts Course.  It was a challenging year for me.  I often felt out of my depth.  Nick offered me gentle support and helped me throughout the year.  He gave me the confidence to believe I could get through, and I did.  Thank you, Nick!

Tanya Cook

Nick Redfern, you were an absolutely amazing and inspiring teacher from A Level all the way through to my Degree and you supported me and my work throughout, you have taught me so much and made me be the best musician I can be!

Laura Parker

I was a mature student at NCN nearly ten years ago trying my best to fulfil a dream to get the best qualification I could and to try to make a difference to the lives of the students I teach music to.  The support and advice given to me by Nick throughout my time there sustained my enthusiasm, calmed my fears of failure and often quelled my frustrations with academic restraints.

Through my three years Nick was my academic anchor and guiding light and with his support and belief in me I managed a meaningful 'first' in my BA (Hons) and have pursued a successful career as a professional music teacher since.

Gary Haynes

Dr Nick Redfern is an incredibly hard-working person when it concerns others education, he certainly goes the extra mile. He approaches everything open minded, willing to not only teach but also learn from his students. Nick helped me throughout the final year of my degree at New College Nottingham. Throughout this time, I spent many hours not only in the class with him but over the phone and email getting advice and discussing theories within music. A tutor who has become a friend, I cannot thank him enough for all of his efforts. I would recommend his studies to anybody that is truly passionate about music.

Danny Bligh

Nick Redfern’s knowledge of music is undoubted but that isn’t the only reason he’s a good teacher. What makes Nick a good teacher is his ability to motivate people to do things they don’t initially see the benefits of. In my case I’m a guitarist with minimal interest in the piano/keyboard. Nick persuaded and guided me to understand and play scales on a keyboard which went on to help me with computer based composition and improved memory of which scales have which sharps and flats. All delivered with patience and a sense of humour.

Nigel White

Nick Redfern was such a fantastic music teacher to me as a youngster.  I would always look forward to his composition lessons and often stayed behind for a chat.  He took extra time with me to listen and help whenever I needed it and he was always fun yet sincere.  Perfect teacher for a budding young musician.

Iona Tamburrino

Nick Redfern was a tutor on my music course at Clarendon College.  Nick was always an incredibly positive force in class, his passion for music and helping students radiated.  He treated us as both equals and friends but remained professional throughout.  He was always willing to go above and beyond for his students.  An example of this, is when I needed piano accompaniment to practice for a university audition, he was more than happy to help me out, even in his spare time.  Fellow students only ever had the best things to say about Nick and we know he'll have every success in his new venture.

Madeline Walker