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Claudio Monteverdi Ohimè se tanto amate: a musical analysis, by Dr Nick Redfern

Monteverdi’s extraordinary life straddled the Renaissance and Baroque eras, and his music is uniquely defined by both practices.  He was, without doubt, one of the most innovative, daring and adept composers of his age.  He was an early exponent of functional harmony and dissonance as a tool of emotional expression, the father of opera as a serious mode of artistic expression and a true modernist.  Ohimè, se tanto amate is a striking and abrasive work, which skilfully marries impassioned poetic outcries with vibrant and highly dissonant harmony.

This publication is an ideal study guide and companion to studying the music of Claudio Monteverdi.  The analysis of Ohimè, se tanto amate details the idiosyncrasies of Monteverdi’s compositional idiom.  The publication reveals his fascinating method of employing both music motifs, word painting and striking harmonic devices in the forging of a compelling and emotionally charged musical language.

This detailed analysis explores the idiosyncrasies of Monteverdi’s compositional idiom and uncovers his fascinating employment of musical motifs and harmonic devices.  The tonal language is remarkable, and Monteverdi ensures that the tonal centre is in a state of constant flux.  This thoroughly modernist language, with its intricate employment of word painting, are discussed in this invaluable and wholly unique publication.  The structure and texture are explained at length and the analysis is fully illustrated with annotated score extracts, which can be downloaded as a free PDF file.

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