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Joseph Haydn Symphony 26 in D minor, Movement 1: a musical analysis Dr Nick Redfern Joseph Haydn Symphony 26 Movement 1 in D minor

Joseph Haydn Symphony 26 Movement 1: a musical analysis, by Dr Nick Redfern

Joseph Haydn’s music held an influence over the Classical period which helped to define its innate values and aesthetic vision.  Indeed, Haydn’s development of the orchestral symphony ensured that the symphony was to become the foremost mode of musical expression in the Classical period.  Symphony 26 is not, however, merely proto-symphonic writing, but a highly innovative, urbane, spectacular, crafted and fully rounded orchestral composition.

Haydn was renowned for his sharp wit, but his more serious and profound voice echoes throughout this short but dramatically incisive work.  The sonata principle is applied with rigorously defined themes and an ingenious mechanism of development.  The movement’s dramatic impact is hoarded until the final recapitulation of the second subject, where the unexpected orchestration and tonality are combined to result in a shocking conclusion to this remarkable movement.

This fascinating and detailed account of the work unveils its unusual tonal structure and highly individual and revolutionary employment of instrumental forces.  The sonata principles which underpin this extraordinary composition are revealed and the dramatic concept and explicitly volatile nature of the work is discussed at length.  Formal constructs are linked with tonal and instrumental features, which help to understand the works compelling dramatic language.

This volume is a suitable companion to the symphony and is a distinctive and valuable publication.  The movement is illustrated in great detail, which are available as a free download as a PDF file, should the reading device prove too small.

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