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FSM was established in August 2017 by composer, lecturer and writer, Nick Redfern BA (Hons) First Class, MMus, PhD.  The school is based in Foxton, near Market Harborough, Leicestershire.  Google Maps: get directions

At FSM, Nick has 28 years experience in music education can offer a broad range of bespoke music tuition packages to suit your individual needs, in a friendly and supportive environment. Download company leaflet &  Download session prices

Email Nick at  Telephone or text: 07899 297 339

Prices: £30.00 per hour, £15.00 for 30 minutes, £45.00 for 90 minutes

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Foxton School of Music
Nick Redfern Foxton School of Music Cloud Factory Publications

Composition & Music Theory Tuition

Music Theory: ABRSM grades 1 to 8.

The learning outcomes will include a weekly personal session plan, independent learning routine and research.  For details concerning ABRSM Music Theory please visit their web site.  Music Theory sessions are 60 minutes duration.

Composition  Composition lessons are in three stages:

Composition skills for the beginner.  This will include gaining vital skills in creative musicianship, structuring musical thoughts through melody, harmony and rhythm, music theory, developing ideas and notational principles.  The composer will be guided through a series of sessions which will explore a variety of compositional methods, including the piano, string quartet, solo instrument and songs.  Composition skills for beginner sessions are 60 minutes duration.

Intermediate composer.  This level is designed for the composer who has had some basic experience in writing music and is wanting to develop skills that will enable work on a more challenging level.  The programme will explore traditional Classical structure and will introduce compositional techniques using a variety of keys and modes.  Irrational rhythms will be employed in compositional tasks, along with extended and altered chords.  Analysis of major works will be completed and a greater awareness of contemporary music models will be encouraged.  Intermediate composer sessions are 60 minutes duration.

Semi-professional composer.  These sessions are designed for the advanced musician who is intending to enter the world of the freelance composer.  Learning programmes will be individually designed to enable the student to gain the relevant skills and techniques required to succeed in a highly challenging industry.  Sessions will include working on extended forms, employing complex harmonic and rhythmic structures and developing an individual musical language.  Composing for orchestra and large choral forces will be explored as well as virtuoso solo works.  Semi-professional composer sessions are 60 or 90 minutes duration.

Further study will include familiarity with the leading composers of the 20th and 21st Centuries, research projects and submitting works to reading panels, competitions and composer opportunities.