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John Dowland Flow my tears: a musical analysis Dr Nick Redfern View at Amazon Kindle John Dowland Flow my tears

John Downalnd Flow my tears: a musical analysis, by Dr Nick Redfern

Flow my tears is one of John Dowland’s most distinctive and crafted lute songs, and stands as the epitome of late Renaissance melancholy and sublime imagery.  This highly expressive work is one of Dowland’s most renowned creations.  In its time the work was renowned throughout Europe, and this was not merely for the work’s deeply lyrical counterpoint but for its taught structural outline and its sheer compositional mastery.

The strong melodic drive is examined to reveal an intriguing composition model based on highly characterised web of musical motifs.  These motifs, in turn, bring a symbolic weight to this most poignant of Dowland’s impassioned and lovelorn compositions.  Indeed, the analysis reveals the work’s motivic structure to be akin to many works of the Twentieth Century.

The publication explores the structure, harmony, tonality, rhythm and texture in meticulous detail and is an ideal study guide and companion to this beautifully crafted composition.

This edition is a thorough musical analysis and offers a unique insight into the compositional ethos of one of England’s finest composers.

This analysis is not a critique of the composer and does not seek to explore the cultural contextual or historical aspects of the music..

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