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Cloud Factory Publications Limited

Cloud Factory Publications Limited: the singular voice

I launched Cloud Factory Publications in June 2014 after many years of uploading free educational resources on this web site.  The mission for the company is to publish highly detailed and thoroughly original resources to support the development of a greater and wider understanding of music, academic study and education.  The works are available in Amazon Kindle format and newer publications will feature video and audio illustrations to supplement more traditional image-based illustrations.  All profits are invested into research projects and resources.

There are two strands of publication.  Music Through The Microscope are invaluable and unique study resources, and analyse major musical compositions in meticulous detail.  These publications offer the reader a distinctive view of the compositional methods and techniques involved in the creative process, such as structure, harmony, thematicism, rhythm and metre.  All publications are illustrated extensively and supplemented by free PDF files of illustrations for smaller e-reading devices.

Modus Operandi publications have a much broader scope and include composers, music education, academic skills and reflective practice in education.  Modus Operandi are highly individual and offer the reader a highly distinct and personal view of the world of music and education and seek to challenge accepted norms and traditional modes of thought.

UK company number 09080396             Visit Dr Nick Redfern at Amazon Kindle.