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Anton Bruckner Locus iste: a musical analysis Dr Nick Redfern View at Amazon Kindle Anton Bruckner Locus Iste

Anton Bruckner Locus iste: a musical analysis, by Dr Nick Redfern

Locus iste is a miniature masterpiece and is testament to Bruckner’s indefatigable faith and compositional mastery.  The work is a mere 48 bars in length, but the emotional and spiritual wealth coupled with an impeccable craft ensure that this work is profound yet remarkably simple.  The work is both of its time and neo-classical, and shows Bruckner’s profound art at its most disarmingly intimate and deftly spiritual.  As a work of devotion, Locus iste can claim to be unparalleled, with the fusion of sacred text and stark musical imagery.  As a work of secular craft, the work is wholly constructed on a set of uniquely identifiable motifs.

This thorough and insightful analysis unravels the motivic structure of this perfectly realised compositions, and argues that there are no elements in this brief work which are not derived from motivic construction.  The structure and chromatic harmonic scheme are discussed at length, and this highly informative volume details the setting, texture, vocal forces and tonality.

This publication is a thorough and fully illustrated analysis of one of the most important compositions in the choral music repertoire and is a distinctive and highly valuable guide.  There are free resources to download, including a score and reduced score, as well as a PDF file of the illustrations should the reading device be too small.

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